Friday August 18th 2017 is the South East Radio Group Annual General Meeting. 
The meeting will be held at the club rooms at the Reidy Park Center off O'Halloran Terrace at 7:30pm sharp. All are welcome so please come along and have a say in how the club is run and the activities that you want the club to participate.

Following the AGM a normal business meeting will follow.

Naracoorte Repeater Update

Thanks to the efforts of Peter VK5KBF, John VK5DJ, Colin VK5DK the Naracoorte repeater is now operating as good as ever. Concern over the state of the antenna required a trip up the tower and initially thoughts were it may need replacing.
Fortunately the problem turned to be a gap between transmission line and antenna. Over time the cable ties holding the coax to the tower had failed and gradually the antenna lead was supporting more and more of the weight. Until the pin pulled out of the connector and was no longer making contact.
Repairs involved remaking the connection on the end of the coax and securing it to the tower once again.
Signal reports since the repair indicate that the repeater once again has a really good range. Our repeater specialists are sure that the repair will work for some time to come.

ILLW 2017

August 19th & 20th is the Annual International Lighthouse and Lightship weekend. Lighthouses are "activiated" by amateurs transmitting from or as near as practical to the lighthouse. It's a fun weekend with no competition as such and it's a good way to promote amateur radio and Lighthouses.  This year the weekend does not coincide with the Rememberance Day contest so there should be lighthouse radio call everywhere.

Lighthouses around the world have been registered and there are 5 in the local area Cape Northumberland (Port MacDonnel), Cape Banks (Carpenter's Rocks), Cape Martin (Beachport), Robe and Cape Jaffa (Kingston SE). At some point over the weekend SERG members will be at some or all of these locations. If you're in the area or on air, please feel free to say hello.

Car Rallys

September through to November are busy months for Car Rallys. In September we are supporting the Millicent Sand Buggy Club's Pine's Enduro. In addition to the communications support we are helping them with some video display.

October has a Day/Night Car trial in the Heywood area. More details available on that soon.

November has the Legends of the Lake Hill Climb. This is a big event and we have been told the entries are filling fast for the 3 day weekend. SERG supports SEAC with communications and TV coverage of the track over the three days. If you're interested in helping out at any of these events, please contact SERG. We'd be only to happy to have you.

Millicent Meeting

With a number of SERG members living in and around Millicent, SERG is going to hold the October business meeting in Millicent. Friday 20th at the Millicent Community Club. Details to be advised

Christmas Get Together 2017

Sunday December 10th will be the club's Christmas Barbecue at Lake McIntyre Millicent. We have used this location previously and it is a good venue. There is sure to be a radio or two of interest in operation.

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